Eu Bre | 24. August 2019 | 00:58 Uhr
I invite you to the webpage about Collie Smooth breeders in Europe!

Cyrus In Gold | 17. Februar 2015 | 00:42 Uhr
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Der Graf Graf | 01. Februar 2015 | 12:02 Uhr
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Marie Poulain | 30. November 2014 | 17:39 Uhr
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Hello from France ... to say that I appreciate the style of your collies, their elegance, color ... I wish you all the best for you and your collies; good end of the year, Marie.

bob lalas | | 15:54 Uhr
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Your website when it comes to elegance, it has captured the sense of the readers. The well organized theme blends with the content has the capacity to bring it to the top.

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